A Tiny Message of Hope During Pandemic Days

Dear fellow wanderers on the path,

Have you ever wondered why, if every heart has been prepared to recognize truth and accept the Blessed Beauty, that there isn’t more of a rush to enter this garden of delight available to all humankind? Even though I have some idea of the wonder of God’s timing in all things, I have become discouraged off and on. Until now. Here’s my story.

January Ohio Devotional Campaign

Ohio Bahá’ís sent entreaties to the Concourse on High for special assistance during a personal prayer and teaching campaign January 2-17, 2021.

During this state-wide special expansion event, believers concentrated prayers on specific individuals of their choosing and attempted to find new acquaintances who may become attracted to the Faith, who could be engaged in elevated conversations, and invited to devotionals, firesides and study circles. We all called on the ready resources of the next world.

Stone Soup Devotional Offers Spiritual Sustenance

My husband and I host a devotional gathering every Wednesday evening — titled “Stone Soup Devotional.” When we started in early March, our guests came to our home for soup and prayer. After only two weeks because of COVID-19, our devotional was put on hold.

We started again with Zoom in mid-May. While soup was no longer nourishing our bodies, our souls continued to be filled by “the holy ecstasy of prayer.”